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Who we are

The Leadership Network is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the practice of leadership development throughout Australasia, the Asia Pacific, and the world.

We exist to provide innovative thinking, tools and practices and to build partnerships with like-minded people that productively disrupt the ways in which leadership is understood and applied. 

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We operate as a member-based organisation providing our members access to resources, networking opportunities, teleconferences, peer coaching and professional development. 

Our members include individuals, businesses, academia, not-for-profits, and government organisations who are committed to unlocking leadership potential for a better world. 

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Member benefits

While our partners and stakeholders are unbounded, our members are across two tiers: individual leadership development professionals and organisations. Benefits and pricing are structured accordingly. As part of our core work, we provide members with unparalleled access to resources and networking opportunities.

Connection: You are connected to a larger group banded together to advance the leadership profession.

Conferences: Our annual leadership congress provides a space for leadership professionals to enhance skills, share of knowledge and networking. As a member you receive a significant discount and an invitation to contribute to the content.

Webinars: Our monthly zoom calls provide unique  access to other members to discuss issues of interest in a collaborative peer coaching environment. 

Advocacy: You can contribute to the advocacy programs aimed at influencing the agenda and dialogue about leadership. 

Free Informational Services: The association keeps members in touch with each other and current issues through the association’s web site and email updates of emerging issues relevant to the practice of leadership development. 

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Our purpose

The Leadership Network exists to support individuals and organisations who build leadership capacity in their organisations and communities.  We bring together businesses, academia, not-for-profits, civic organisations, government and individuals to unlock the leadership potential for a better world.

We exist to break the cycle of singular dependency and strengthen interdependencies by unlocking creativity and innovation.

We exist for those who seek to move forward, make progress, and effect positive change.


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The Leadership Network Chair, Dominique Mecoy, CEO of Leadership WA  via TLN's contact email.

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