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2021 - Trauma, healing and emerging a better world

5 Apr 2021 3:50 PM | Anonymous

In Australia, New Zealand, and much of the South Pacific, Covid is contained - for now.  We have watched as those in formal authority exercised that authority for "direction, protection and order".  We watched as countless community members exercised leadership without authority to help make progress.  And we've watched - as the peak of the crisis faded - how some in formal authority stumbled and struggled to engage their leadership in a post-crisis zeitgeist.

But the crisis is not over for the entire world - far from it.  What's more, the impact of Covid will be felt for years to come.   The trauma for individuals, families, businesses, communities is present but often hidden - and for many this trauma won't be overcome easily or swiftly.

So what is the role of the Leadership Development Profession in helping heal this trauma?  How do we work with individuals, groups, teams, organisations, communities to help emerge a better world?   How do we recognise the trauma that people have experienced, help them heal, and help others recognise the importance and synergy of that healing.

The Leadership Development Profession exists to help humans make progress towards their purpose. Through our Future of Leadership events and our thought leadership in 2021 we'll continue to explore how best we can emerge a better world.

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